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Our Business Tax Services Help Companies Save Money and Time.

Periodically business owners must report their revenue, expenses, and profits to the Revenue Authority in an effort to pay their fair share of taxes. Tax preparation services are offered by many, but having your taxes done incorrectly can cost you severely. We prepare your tax returns  accurately while providing guidance to save you time and money. 

Expert Accounting.

At Techance, our belief is that business owners should concentrate on what they do best. That is; create and deliver their products or provide services for their customers, and entrust their non-core functions, such as accounting, to professionals.

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Trusted Accounting.

Trusted Accounting
At Techance, we ensure to listen to our clients. We ensure to exercise a high level of confidentiality as the information is highly sensitive. Honesty and transparency are our key pillars. We are clear, on what we are doing and honestly give you our opinions on the status of your business.

Trusted Accounting
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Tax can be a challenge especially keeping up with the timelines, all the calculations involved and not forgetting the ever-changing nature of tax.
At Techance, we assist you with the following:

Pay as You Earn (PAYE)

PAYE is one of the many statutory taxes in Kenya collected from individuals engaged in gainful
employment. Under this, the employers make a deduction of a particular percentage from the salary. This percentage is forwarded to the KRA on a per month.

Corporate Tax

This is the tax that companies operating in Kenya pay to the revenue authorities. Different type of companies pay different percentages of tax.

Withholding Tax

These are taxes charges on interests, dividends,
pensions, performance fees, royalties, commissions among others. However, the rates of the taxes collected are not fixed. They vary according to the status of the payer.

Advance Tax

These taxes are directed towards the public service
vehicles and commercial vehicles. The owners are expected to pay the taxes in advance before they can get their commercial vehicles registered.

Residential Rental Income Tax

This is the amount to be paid for the accrued incomes collected from the residential properties of Kenya.  However, the amount should not be over thanKshs 10 million per income year.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a consumption charge which is imposed on any taxable goods and services. The consumer who makes a purchase of a service or a commodity is bound to pay the VAT.

Our Tax Preparation Process

Meet with your Tax Consultant

Initial consultation to assess your tax situation  and plan accordingly                                               

Send Tax Forms & Documentation

Transfer access of your accounting records to our tax experts such as payroll documents, sales reports among others

Prepare Tax Return

Tax Consultant will review accounting and bookkeeping records to prepare the tax return

Techance Analysis

Our experts will analyse the your tax situation and advise on the way forward to ensure compliance with the tax authorities.

Other services

Tax Advisory 

We Advise on the Taxation effects of Proposed
Business Transactions, different methods of Business Structuring and Financing and their Tax Implications.

We answer to Queries and/or opinions on Tax
matters including Research, Discussions and Attendance of meetings relating to
these matters as Instructed by you

Tax Advisory

A+ Customer Service

Tax Compliance

We Ensure compliance of your Company’s Operations in Kenya with the Applicable Tax Requirements in all Tax Heads i.e. PAYE, VAT,
WHT, Corporation Tax and Customs and Excise duties;

Tax Compliance

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